Tuesday, March 27, 2007

.... - onE hOt summeR dAy - ....

-literally hot-

whew.. what a day.. first is sunburn.. because of the never-ending motor bike.. second, humanities fest.. take note, who's hot?.. hahaha.. lesson: never ever go out on a motor bike without wearing sleeves, it'll burn the hell on to your skin.. but here's more, the other hot.. my ex.. she's part of the performance, and tell you, she dances really well, add her boyish side, which makes it more sexy.. damn!.. where did she get that attitude!.. i told her were not yet done, coz' im challenging her to a dance showdown. one-on-one, "taktak mo".. any version.. hahaha.. hey, wait a mintue.. something's going on my mind.. i can hear the song "muli" by janno gibbs playing on my mind.. wah.. ahm, maybe im gonna have to start workin' on it, before it's too late!.. whatever!!!.. (",)

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