Saturday, June 14, 2008

.... - if you would count all the things that happened - ....

how will i be able to count all the things that happened to me this past few months..
i hope that i could remember all of them..
in the right order..
i know i can dO it..
"nothing is impossible, just do it".. =)

.... - finally, for almost a year! - ....

it's been a while..
and blogging catched my interest once again..
hopefully i get to update my blog again..
see you guys.. =)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

.... - hiGhLanDs - ....

-we had fun, fun and fun!!!-

after waiting almost an hour for a cab..
thank God i texted dianne..
and told me that they'll pick me up from were i was waiting..
it's past 8pm when i arrived at their house..
i stayed there overnight for tomorrow's trip..
we ate dinner, and settled for the night..
i stayed at harvey's room..
we had soundtrippin', Ps2 and other stuff..
slept at 2am and woke up a little early at 6am..
we got off from whiteplains past 9am..
our first stop, "ilog maria honeybee farms in silang, cavite"..
were they bought some stuff made of honey and beeswax..
then we contiued travelling..
and arrived in tagaytay highlands past 11am..
took pics in a bar on top of the club..
then headed for the veranda to eat..
buffet style..
"round 1-main course: rice, pancit canton, fish fillet, chicken embutido, pork camaron, tempura"
"round 2-desserts: chocolate cake, mocha cake, assorted kakanin, leche flan"
"round 3-final bout: ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream!!!"
after that, we went to the bar for karaoke..
it's exclusive only for our group! (imagine that)..
then i played basketball with harvey, anton and alford at the gym..
and took lots of pics in the place..
whenever there's a chance..
we strike a pose..
unfortunately, we did'nt get the chance to ride the cable car..
because of strong wind..
but still, we really had fun!.. great time for bonding!..
ahm sure were gonna miss all of these!..
thanks to tito erwin and tita marinel for the treat..
we really enjoyed it, hope there's a sequel to this.. hahaha..
and of course to my cousins dianne, harvey and anton..
i had great time with you guys, thanks!..
ate ria, thanks for the moves..
to all of my cotillion mates:
guys: harvey, anton, gio, renchi, david, mark, alford and allan..(we'll go out for gimmicks!)
girls: dianne, dana, tiff, ac, meg, roni, maf, reg and especially charmae..(i'll miss all of you, especially you!)
that's it.. im done..
thank God for everything..
my summer's just getting started..
and i know there's still more to come..
wait for the next episode..
see yah guys!!!.. (",)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

.... - an evEnt tO remEmBer - ....

-happy 18th birthday diannE!!!-

after all the rehearsals..
the dance moves..
and the free food..
finally we've been successful..
it's a wonderful evening for all of us..
for all the days that we practiced..
with sweat and blood..
ahoo! ahoo! ahoo!..
we stand together and danced as if there is no tomorrow..
for every finished rehearsal..
little by little..
we are encouraged to give our best..
to please the guests of our debutant..
and on the night of debut..
we made it happen..
we're done..
eventhough some conflicts happened..
we survived it..
and because of this..
we deserve our reward..
a trip to tagaytay!..
whoa, imagine that..
and honestly, we're all excited..
so that's it..
thanks a lot..
see ya guys!..
i can feel the cold breeze of the trip!..
till' next time... (",)

Friday, April 13, 2007

.... - miSSed oPPortuniTy - ....

-when it knocks, grab it-

it's last 17 seconds, and as i powered my way to the basket, the sound of the whistle broke the play.. it was a defensive foul.. both teams were already in penalty.. fortunately, i was sent to the freethrow line.. it's 57-58, in favor of the opponent's team.. the pressure is on.. i can feel my hands shaking as i approached the line.. as the ball was tossed to me.. i took a deep breath.. then dribbled the ball, feeling the rhythm of my shot.. as i fired, it bounced out of the rim.. i missed.. i said to myself, there's one more.. i must make this shot in order to tie the ball game and force it into overtime.. as i received the ball for the second shot, doing the same thing.. i took the shot.. and missed it.. damn it.. the opponent got the rebound and i sprinted towards him to get the ball, i intercepted his pass.. my teammate was able to get the ball, as he forced a putback.. he was blocked, then my other teammate got the ball trapped underneath the basket, with less then 5 seconds left in the clock, i was free on a spot and he passed the ball to me.. realizing that i was free, i aimed for the jump shot, but i missed.. then the buzzer sounded.. it;s over.. we lost.. i was given two chances to win the game, but i failed.. all of the efforts that i made, shooting those three-pointers, the rebounds and the hassle.. scoring 28 points, is useless and were all junked in the end.. i experienced what most basketball players' worst situation and failed it.. i never expected this kind of play.. it's pressure cooker.. honestly.. all the emotions are mixed up.. and there's no turning back.. i will never forget that night.. and i will take my revenge.. and play harder..

lessons learned:
1. confidence, face your fears, think positive and take all the court jitters that you have.
2. if you can make the drive, take it than doing the long shot. unless you have all the time to take it.
3. expect the unexpected.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

.... - GoOd FriDaY (Part 2) - ....

-expect the unexpected!-

if you think it's over, think again...

just as i had finished posting yesterday..
when i got home..
suddenly the phone rang..
at first i was'nt able to recognize who's on the line..
i thought it's one of my textmates..
but guess what..
the hell im wrong!..
it's her.. (guess who..)
and i was'nt expecting it..
maybe because i forgot to give her manual back..
but what's more is that she's here..
right in our place..
just a few blocks from our house..
we talked on the phone, and it took us an hour to finish..
here's the most awaited part..
she asked me if she could lend some clothes for their outing..
of course, who will not agree to that..
i instantly said, "yes!"..
so i prepared the stuff and braced myself..
coz' guys, we met that night..
while i was walking..
im thinking of what to say..
even what to act..
my heart starts beating faster..
i dont know why, but it does..
as i approached the end of the block..
i can see her walking towards me..
as she came closer, the faster my heart beats..
then there she is..
her smile..
i cant speak..
i dont know..
but it's just that..
words just doesnt seem to come out of my mouth..
the place makes me remember..
it's where we first met..
and suddenly all the memories had flashbacked on my mind..
i wish i had the power to control time..
coz' i never want to end this night with her..

i guess..

it's time to prove something...

Friday, April 6, 2007

.... - GoOd FriDaY - ....

-i ask for complete solitude, but...-

it's been a while, now im back for what?.. this week is for prayer time right?.. but, i think it's not over until easter sunday.. im getting a lot of rest this week.. to be ready for next week's pressure.. cotillion practices, basketball games and many more.. whoah.. hope i can accomplish them all.. i dont know what to type right now.. just droppin' by.. after the debut, maybe i got lots of stories to tell, so watch out.. when i come back, the blogging keeps on getting better!.. that's it, im out of here!.. ciao!.. (",)