Thursday, April 26, 2007

.... - an evEnt tO remEmBer - ....

-happy 18th birthday diannE!!!-

after all the rehearsals..
the dance moves..
and the free food..
finally we've been successful..
it's a wonderful evening for all of us..
for all the days that we practiced..
with sweat and blood..
ahoo! ahoo! ahoo!..
we stand together and danced as if there is no tomorrow..
for every finished rehearsal..
little by little..
we are encouraged to give our best..
to please the guests of our debutant..
and on the night of debut..
we made it happen..
we're done..
eventhough some conflicts happened..
we survived it..
and because of this..
we deserve our reward..
a trip to tagaytay!..
whoa, imagine that..
and honestly, we're all excited..
so that's it..
thanks a lot..
see ya guys!..
i can feel the cold breeze of the trip!..
till' next time... (",)

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