Sunday, April 29, 2007

.... - hiGhLanDs - ....

-we had fun, fun and fun!!!-

after waiting almost an hour for a cab..
thank God i texted dianne..
and told me that they'll pick me up from were i was waiting..
it's past 8pm when i arrived at their house..
i stayed there overnight for tomorrow's trip..
we ate dinner, and settled for the night..
i stayed at harvey's room..
we had soundtrippin', Ps2 and other stuff..
slept at 2am and woke up a little early at 6am..
we got off from whiteplains past 9am..
our first stop, "ilog maria honeybee farms in silang, cavite"..
were they bought some stuff made of honey and beeswax..
then we contiued travelling..
and arrived in tagaytay highlands past 11am..
took pics in a bar on top of the club..
then headed for the veranda to eat..
buffet style..
"round 1-main course: rice, pancit canton, fish fillet, chicken embutido, pork camaron, tempura"
"round 2-desserts: chocolate cake, mocha cake, assorted kakanin, leche flan"
"round 3-final bout: ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream!!!"
after that, we went to the bar for karaoke..
it's exclusive only for our group! (imagine that)..
then i played basketball with harvey, anton and alford at the gym..
and took lots of pics in the place..
whenever there's a chance..
we strike a pose..
unfortunately, we did'nt get the chance to ride the cable car..
because of strong wind..
but still, we really had fun!.. great time for bonding!..
ahm sure were gonna miss all of these!..
thanks to tito erwin and tita marinel for the treat..
we really enjoyed it, hope there's a sequel to this.. hahaha..
and of course to my cousins dianne, harvey and anton..
i had great time with you guys, thanks!..
ate ria, thanks for the moves..
to all of my cotillion mates:
guys: harvey, anton, gio, renchi, david, mark, alford and allan..(we'll go out for gimmicks!)
girls: dianne, dana, tiff, ac, meg, roni, maf, reg and especially charmae..(i'll miss all of you, especially you!)
that's it.. im done..
thank God for everything..
my summer's just getting started..
and i know there's still more to come..
wait for the next episode..
see yah guys!!!.. (",)


The Story Teller said...

that is totally hot!

JM said...

[Regarding the Dondon video]
Anu ba yun! Hindi ko alam kung alin sa dalawang tao sa COC ang pinapaalala mo kaya mo to pinanood sakin...