Friday, April 13, 2007

.... - miSSed oPPortuniTy - ....

-when it knocks, grab it-

it's last 17 seconds, and as i powered my way to the basket, the sound of the whistle broke the play.. it was a defensive foul.. both teams were already in penalty.. fortunately, i was sent to the freethrow line.. it's 57-58, in favor of the opponent's team.. the pressure is on.. i can feel my hands shaking as i approached the line.. as the ball was tossed to me.. i took a deep breath.. then dribbled the ball, feeling the rhythm of my shot.. as i fired, it bounced out of the rim.. i missed.. i said to myself, there's one more.. i must make this shot in order to tie the ball game and force it into overtime.. as i received the ball for the second shot, doing the same thing.. i took the shot.. and missed it.. damn it.. the opponent got the rebound and i sprinted towards him to get the ball, i intercepted his pass.. my teammate was able to get the ball, as he forced a putback.. he was blocked, then my other teammate got the ball trapped underneath the basket, with less then 5 seconds left in the clock, i was free on a spot and he passed the ball to me.. realizing that i was free, i aimed for the jump shot, but i missed.. then the buzzer sounded.. it;s over.. we lost.. i was given two chances to win the game, but i failed.. all of the efforts that i made, shooting those three-pointers, the rebounds and the hassle.. scoring 28 points, is useless and were all junked in the end.. i experienced what most basketball players' worst situation and failed it.. i never expected this kind of play.. it's pressure cooker.. honestly.. all the emotions are mixed up.. and there's no turning back.. i will never forget that night.. and i will take my revenge.. and play harder..

lessons learned:
1. confidence, face your fears, think positive and take all the court jitters that you have.
2. if you can make the drive, take it than doing the long shot. unless you have all the time to take it.
3. expect the unexpected.


The Story Teller said...

ok lang kaya yun! tsaka friday the 13th naman di ba?

9876 said...

tanga ka kc