Saturday, April 7, 2007

.... - GoOd FriDaY (Part 2) - ....

-expect the unexpected!-

if you think it's over, think again...

just as i had finished posting yesterday..
when i got home..
suddenly the phone rang..
at first i was'nt able to recognize who's on the line..
i thought it's one of my textmates..
but guess what..
the hell im wrong!..
it's her.. (guess who..)
and i was'nt expecting it..
maybe because i forgot to give her manual back..
but what's more is that she's here..
right in our place..
just a few blocks from our house..
we talked on the phone, and it took us an hour to finish..
here's the most awaited part..
she asked me if she could lend some clothes for their outing..
of course, who will not agree to that..
i instantly said, "yes!"..
so i prepared the stuff and braced myself..
coz' guys, we met that night..
while i was walking..
im thinking of what to say..
even what to act..
my heart starts beating faster..
i dont know why, but it does..
as i approached the end of the block..
i can see her walking towards me..
as she came closer, the faster my heart beats..
then there she is..
her smile..
i cant speak..
i dont know..
but it's just that..
words just doesnt seem to come out of my mouth..
the place makes me remember..
it's where we first met..
and suddenly all the memories had flashbacked on my mind..
i wish i had the power to control time..
coz' i never want to end this night with her..

i guess..

it's time to prove something...

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JM said...

klala mo ung nagcomment sa coffee shop sa youtube? kilala k daw nya