Monday, March 26, 2007

.... - summeR Getaway - ....

-this is my first post, thanks to hazel elizes.. na inspire ako sa kanya... inedit ko rin pla toh, nagkamali eh, eto na totong url - ok?.. enjoy..(",)-

march 23, 2007
masinag, antipolo

...-i woke up late, it's almost 9am and where just starting to prepare our stuff. we kicked off past 10, under the blazing hot summer sun, we rode this jeep all the way up to antipolo. it's such a long ride and we got our butts nearly flat. another tricycle ride and we can finally say that were gonna be having our first summer getaway at the end of the semester. when we arrived at the resort, we neagn looking for our company in a bunch of cottages, to tell you, it's burning hot in that place. we spotted our pal and we settled together with our stuff and they began to eat their snacks. everything was going fine, we got an overlooking view of the city while the others enjoy at the pool, then i approached my partner, "Nicole", and asked her how is she doing, she said she's fine. i'm glad. we cracked jokes on whose the better swimmer, and after some minutes of chatting, we decide to join the others in the pool. we enjoyed the water eventhough were under the hot summer sun, at first i was so sensitive bcoz i might lose my complexion, who cares anyway?! so i ignored it, luckily, i applied a lot of sunblock and we crazily splashed on to the pool. while we were having fun, i noticed her going back to the cottage, i followed her. we went to the swing then we started to talk about things, lots of 'em, suddenly at that very moment, i realized that were all alone. im having a weird feeling of happiness inside me. then she started to tell her grievances while playfully slapping me and pulling my hair! i thinked to myself (maybe beating me is not enough).. palying on my mind is that "what if i kiss this girl?".. bloody hell, it might bring chaos. then she told me to leave her alone at that very moment, i don'd understand. i insisted that i will not leave her alone in there and i'll stay by her side. we exchanged words of whether im gonna leave her there or not, i did'nt give up, instead she volunteered to go and leave me instead. so i decided to walk with her back to the cottage. after that, everything changed as if the world turned upside down, and with sudden change of events, she started to avoid me, without knowing the reason why. what have i done? then i asked her friends, and got an offending comment, "pag ayaw niya, ayaw niya talaga. hindi siya nagpapakipot..." smoke, it reached my boiling point and i packed my stuff early. i don't want to argue about it, so i got myself walking with not knowign where to go. they ruined it. they made my summer getaway a living hell. it's like misery... :(


Aleel said...

sino yung friend mo na nag-painit ng ulo mo? specific dapat! joke lang!!!!

+_heYz_+ said...

salamat sa special mention!! read my blog for details.. hehe!