Friday, March 30, 2007

.... -oNe miSSeD caLL - ....

-mystery call: when it rings, it keeps on ringing-

in the middle of a sunny afternoon..
my mobile phone caught my attention..
"1 missed call"..
i wonder who it is..
the number is not registered in my phonebook..
unfortunately, i dont have the load to reply..
so i used our landline to ring the number..
after exchanges of ringing..
i decided to go to a store..
to have my phone loaded..
and so i texted the number..
and said, "please introduce yourself.."..
the number replied, "Sorry, but i will never introduce myself, thanks for your time.."..
as i replied, the number keeps on texting and insisted that i will never know who it is..
so it raised my curiousity and began texting the number..
asking who is it, maybe..
i apologized for being so rude coz' at that time im beginning to lose my patience..
but until now, i havent got any reply..
the question is..
who's behind that number..
it's a mystery for me..
until now, i havent got any clues..
hope my perseverance can bring me answers..
coz' right now, im still trying to find out..
who is the owner of the number?..
what is its plans?..
what does it have to do with me?..
well, this questions will keep me hanging..
until i find out who owns it..
and to know her reason..
coz' i will not stop until find out who it is..
hope i am on the right track...>>>

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